Varsity x Camo

from by Scott Ramirez

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Who Jah bless, let no man curse. nuthin interferes
with the grand work
On a damn search with mad merch,
philosophers stoned on a flat earth
I'm just deep In thought, sittin' on top of the speakerbox.
It's been one helluva equinox,
& Im too sober, let the reefer talk
Cold like the Everest snowpeak when
the block had no heat for a whole weak
.I be scrappin' like Domi, dappered-up Lo piece.
that weather won't slow me.
Warpath of a nomad, smokestacks when the dro passed,
gimme the floor plan. Get in that tour van
first glance, get beat with a singapore cane.
Sandman with the Coors can
Plus that Warren G, War & Peace, sorcery. You smokin' that dust
fuck what you think. we rush till the doors bust, need more bucks
. Wanted to play for the Majors, now with a team makin' these capers
How we scheme workin' our labors, late night.
Get the pape right, livin for the greater
Ya need Jesus, Mohamed, Zoraster, professors,
a rabbi & priest, monks, clerics, genies & Cupid
to stop me from buildin' the ark, how many more cubits?
Passin' the show & the provin', I know I be knowin', the seeds I be sowin'
the trees to be rolled one day, you'll know what the fuck we be doin'

Thinkin' back survivin' unemployment line,
nightshifts, unpaid overtime
Prayed for a sign. Hell hath no fury when I go for mine
If you talkin' risk, put ya money where ya mouth is,.
rappin' the foulest
gather the crowd from thousands of thousands,
converting the doubted
Uh huh, got that? Soundtracks to bounce back,
gettin' bent off the forty, we on that quest for the glory
shinin' armor went thru those trenches shorty
Brave like Seminoles, prolly ethical,
Knockin' ya pussys off pedestals
puttin those pussys on pedestals, puffin on medicals,
checkin' the decimals
Ran thru the rounds of snakes, cheetahs, roaches, weasels,
pelicans, rodents
All elements we roam in, mind real heavy
like an uzi loaded
gamin' this shit like Bischoff,
whole generation soo pissed off
New enemies to GMOs & shit was good just a week ago
need to get free from fallacies, degrees aint guarantees
& tactically. we worked some ugly years
to get paid so handsomely,
Multiply ducats & pounds. Infinite life,
you aint stuck in the ground
throw half a peace sign, jetpack up to the clouds,
I ain't dumbin' it down

Build it up
Break it down
Do the math
Connect the dots
Uncouth shit, we troopin'
Calculated, we movin'


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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