from by Scott Ramirez

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Let the crowd wave the air to mask the odour
passin' over, hash and doujah, play Casanova to Sharapovas
Backwoods mummified, rippin' out the guts
Stickin' to my guns, small victories bringin' the funds
my nationality is brutality
On this cold earth; slow burn strategy's reality
Learned from my pops, my ambition
Time’s worth more than smack addictions, riches of wrapped Egyptians
Old discussions in packed Hondas of turnin' karma
Triple 7, zeros & commas, upon us
If I listened to the herbs, I wouldn't be right here'
In fly gear with my peers, Im Ali in Zaire
Every show's a fisticuff, listen up, jig is up
give It up, tell dames to giddy up
In shitty venues & promoters on coca
Im swingin' like a brown saint to sinner lady thats loca
Can't be movin' horizontal, consider it Gospel
mano-e-mano, small to colossal, they topple
Working past part time & space so part space
Teleportin' Delorean car chasin' thru stargates
Gotta make them bankrolls widen
Music to pound the rock with that PATFO guidance, its a science
Praise the man of labours, sharper than sabres
So educated, see the racist neighbors catchin' vapors
We aint pushin rocks, we just heavin' boulders
Life in Mortal Kombat, I got Sub-Zero shoulders
Gettin' bent tho', ya’ll missed the memo
The tempo, amaretto hold me down like it’s velcro
Bombin' brick walls, now Im paintin' up a frescoe
They treat my generation like the '94 Expos
Rap is real, society's an act f'real
Dont be standin' still for them traps that got Gatsby killed

Woke up from a dream with
the stonecutters creed....
Walking out my door
with the stonecutters creed....
Go for gold, no other
Whether cold or summer
Hot knife thru butter


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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