Sonic Youth

from by Scott Ramirez

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Streets of rage walkin', its the next gen weathermen
Hydroponic medicines, cross the Alps from tenements
Ma said put the crowd in hypnosis
Hocus to pocus, turnin' neurosis to boldness
Zoned out, lampin' by a laughin' Buddha
Im catchin wreck, catchin' tuna,
cast the net & hallelujah
Turnin' shitty days to gold, cut a path
& the pave the road
Cut a track at Tabernacle, papa bringin' bacon home
Slangin' books, rap game Levar Burton
Certain northern strains got me lookin' part German
uncouth be troopin and marchin,
stay aloof to ya doctrine
either stand or sleep, wrappin the green
like Tutankhamen
Them drugs domesticated, pillin up ya defects
Barristas be the dealers, only boozin' for the weekend
Calm aggressions, manhandle,
grabbin attention like rockin' a poncho
of Macho, elbow drops connectin'
Wavy hikes, shady nights, faded & I shake the dice
claim my rights, takin' mics, Crazy like David Icke
Search thru the madness,usurp the language of colonizers
Conjurin' magic thru usin' this rap shit

Limin' at a fete then back to the lab early
Examine this mad journey, laughin' at past worries
Before I doff off the armor
I'll sing songs to conquer, live long & prosper
Piff & henny combine, put it directly In line
Never place pearls before ms piggy & swine
Withstandin' the circumstances, adapted to stand alone
Forgin' a pack, better track, snatchin' an antelope
Lord, the c-notes, vivid, I see no limit
Steamboat In a Sea wolves fitted
Decoding today's news, grindin' to pay dues
Grinnin', spillin ink, substituted for quaaludes
Wrestlin' stress, Decompression for the evenin'
Doctor said chill cause' my blood pressure was steamin'
job's aint hirin', pop's retirin', mom's too tired
My ass was fired, hell is this environment?
Broke friends with goals and camaraderie
Collect ends & transcend this birth lottery
Fuck lettin' the art starve, bluff cards
Engarde, mic check, carte blanche, c'mon gawd


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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