Old Sport

from by Scott Ramirez

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On the road to riches, being broke
provoke resistance
In these cold conditions, tryna close the distance
Winter warz the metaphor, what we livin' for?
Skirmishin' with honeys through verbal intercourse
When ya bet on that winning horse,
watch some women morph
Into herbivores, all ya green, pipe dreams driftin' off
Times are tryin', in alliance with rebel griots
Roll purple, more stoned than Temple Pilot
Roads gettin' tough but ain't givin' it up
'Cause existing & paying bills
ain't sufficient enough
Devoted to this looseleaf, I lose sleep
Spoken, my muse speaks, provokin' me,
opponents & dues reaped
Peace when I snooze deep
A million talk, but spittin' false,
only listen when a trusted few speak
With defiant prouder airs, trumpet's loudest blare
Avoid the fowler's snare & tell 'em "fuck outta here
My path shown in a mad zone, I'm belligerent
Rap tomes knock the capstones right off the pyramid
On a warhorse, cornerstore lords, with the cohorts
Take no shorts, for my old sport

Shoot the page when I'm vexed till the stress is done
Young F. Scott chopped it up with Tesla's son
My heavenly peace is melodies & beats
Sativa in Tahiti & a gold Nefertiti piece
Writing is dedicated, pen it out in seven hours
Get it louder, chrono-elevated MegaPowers
When recessions hit, aggression's quick, weapons lit
I need a saint intercession when these questions hit
Only constant is cess and brew & these records too
Leafs & Raptors lose...well what else is new?
Literally weighted, breath is bated,
life's a waitin' room
I need a jetpack, don't swim good,
I just waded through
Cold steel, cold hearts, I want the whole part
No crumbs, down on his luck, Humphrey Bogart
Hope's the only thing that's funded,
blunts been confronted
Fam and friends have said to me some
incredily dumb shit
Days are deplorable, keep the halo orbital
On the way to peso, smoke one with the oracle
Always Nautical, born under a full moon
Livin' life, pawnin' all ya silverware, there is no spoon


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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