Monte Cristo

from by Scott Ramirez

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Crown me king when I land in Madrid
gimme back 20 mil, sing songs for the many ills
chase skirts like Benny Hill, way too many broads,
make sure that henny chilled
Once ya thinking, ya stinkin' & sinkin', we travel each mission
driven by visions, ambition, & taught by the strictest tradition,
dont mingle with pigeons
Be clear that the Steel chairs folded up
Middle finger rigor mortis so I hold it up
Smokin' off the tree of knowledge & I rolled it up
Graduated from the colleges, showed em up
Hand that corona. Undergrad diploma, no rap persona,
grab mad payola
The baddest chocas, damn hash aroma, paragraph composer
Droppin' jewelry, pocket ruby's.. live uncouthly, roll a new leaf..
Call of duty, droppin' floozys talkin' Newspeak, give a Too Sweet
Winter suited livin' lucid, nothin' new under the sun
Instituted, lucky Druids, trouble shootin' when we get thrown
under the gun
Sonic straight runnin' through the levels and the loops
Honey brown shorty get painted in the nude
Drinkin' No.7 brand, holdin' up the 7 grand
when you see we gettin that loot, salute
...cold lampin, Last man standin', turn off that tv programmin,
flow rabid, semantics
cold snapping, thats smackin
You back to them days of Cro-Magnon

MegaFarLkly undertakin', batting up the harpys, run the bacon
that golden fleece, that potpourri & the right codes for the
safe combination
Kleptomaniac at ya open mic. Be aware of that interwoven life
Make a lady from such outspoken dykes. Raise emotions'
how a showman might
action packed. Blunts back to back. Them hustler naps,
we Adapted fast
To any habitat. Survivin each scrap like I'm Cactus Jack
Yea, know it's this or nothin' else
Light that piff, make hunger felt
One quick pick, play the numbers well
Write my shit, make the butter melt
We makin that risk. Awaken to changes that shift. stages to rip
maidens & places to hit, writing till eyelids to heavy for
angels to lift
. pray the cashflow be amplified, from the macro down
to the magnified
How We rackin' dice, to make paradigms, matter'fact.
fuck a manufactured life
Design a path, mind on cash , hieroglyphs all in the rhymin' pad
pack the pipe with hash, strike the light & pass those
Raybans Roddy Piper had
. odds come stacked like totem poles. .
Soul. controller goin' toe to toe, go for broke
polar flows knockin' down them dominoes, how the story goes


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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