East of Yonge (feat. HuNu)

from by Scott Ramirez

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Fresh Moroccan Spices, smuggled in trade routes
Great tunes, Lebanese Blonde comin' from Beirut
Asians work like dogs, word to Rob Ford
Seasons get hit with harsh storms, still in top form
leave ya battle hardened,
Took the gamble option
Passin' biddies In bird jackets that cackle often
behaviour ill for the paper bills, Lo knit is razor steel
walk with a bop like Rodney Dangerfield
Pardon we blazin , my path aint nuthin' funny
Fam travelled all these miles, make sure we livin' lovely
Anti bummy & broke, splash money for
somethin' to smoke
Tryna cope, job hunt is a joke
All a man needs is a chance, some Nautica fleeces & Champs
Rap doctorate I keep it advanced
Thinkin' like a king, workin' like a peasant
Sidesteppin' women with weaves lookin' like MegaMan's helmet

Thousand thoughts, I gotta focus
No matter any solstice, fuck that sell ya soul shit
Some tryin' days, business plan like a Bible page
Ply the trade, come hell or high tidal waves
'Still marchin', hardheaded, hard hearted
Carhartts, harken, blunt sparkin',untarnished
From these arenas, loot the palace of the Caesars
Word to Christ, Siddhartha, Shiva,
the people yellin' Viva
If love's a battlefield, better get ya shield up
Shorty look for real love, I'm lookin' for that real bud
Dream past the skyline and streetlamps
Trife life & these tramps, grind time on these tracks
Rhyme and the reason,
nights gettin’ sleepless
I be stuck in these pieces,
I’m a sniper just breathin'
Scott's at it, a top gallant, who plot rackets
In yatcht jackets & daggerin' hot ratchets


from Monte Cristo, released November 24, 2015


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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