Monte Cristo

by Scott Ramirez

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Taking inspiration from an Ol’ Dirty Bastard rhyme & the novel by Alexander Dumas, Monte Cristo is a 12 track journal chronicling late smokey nights, the daily grind for paper & intoxicated meditations on the pursuit of the good life.

With production handled by Justunlimited, ELMNT, Don Know & DJ TooM; collaborative features with HuNu, Rez Raida, Jaff Daniels, Colonel Clockwork & Lord Fury; Scott Ramirez has forged a dusty audio journey from hallowed rap traditions, breakbeats & 808s.


released November 24, 2015

Lyrics by: Scott Ramirez
Producers: Justunlimited, ELMNT, Don Know, DJ TooM
Featured Vocals: HuNu, Rez Raida, Don Know, Jaff Daniels, Colonel Clockwork, Lord Fury
Trumpet: Rudy Kwaku
Recorded & mixed at Tabernacle321
Engineer: DJ Mercilless
Front Cover Photography: Victoria Charko
Layout Photography: Farooq Ahmed
Art Direction/Design: Scott Ramirez


all rights reserved



Scott Ramirez Toronto, Ontario

Rembrandt in Polo Sport.

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Track Name: Monte Cristo
Crown me king when I land in Madrid
gimme back 20 mil, sing songs for the many ills
chase skirts like Benny Hill, way too many broads,
make sure that henny chilled
Once ya thinking, ya stinkin' & sinkin', we travel each mission
driven by visions, ambition, & taught by the strictest tradition,
dont mingle with pigeons
Be clear that the Steel chairs folded up
Middle finger rigor mortis so I hold it up
Smokin' off the tree of knowledge & I rolled it up
Graduated from the colleges, showed em up
Hand that corona. Undergrad diploma, no rap persona,
grab mad payola
The baddest chocas, damn hash aroma, paragraph composer
Droppin' jewelry, pocket ruby's.. live uncouthly, roll a new leaf..
Call of duty, droppin' floozys talkin' Newspeak, give a Too Sweet
Winter suited livin' lucid, nothin' new under the sun
Instituted, lucky Druids, trouble shootin' when we get thrown
under the gun
Sonic straight runnin' through the levels and the loops
Honey brown shorty get painted in the nude
Drinkin' No.7 brand, holdin' up the 7 grand
when you see we gettin that loot, salute
...cold lampin, Last man standin', turn off that tv programmin,
flow rabid, semantics
cold snapping, thats smackin
You back to them days of Cro-Magnon

MegaFarLkly undertakin', batting up the harpys, run the bacon
that golden fleece, that potpourri & the right codes for the
safe combination
Kleptomaniac at ya open mic. Be aware of that interwoven life
Make a lady from such outspoken dykes. Raise emotions'
how a showman might
action packed. Blunts back to back. Them hustler naps,
we Adapted fast
To any habitat. Survivin each scrap like I'm Cactus Jack
Yea, know it's this or nothin' else
Light that piff, make hunger felt
One quick pick, play the numbers well
Write my shit, make the butter melt
We makin that risk. Awaken to changes that shift. stages to rip
maidens & places to hit, writing till eyelids to heavy for
angels to lift
. pray the cashflow be amplified, from the macro down
to the magnified
How We rackin' dice, to make paradigms, matter'fact.
fuck a manufactured life
Design a path, mind on cash , hieroglyphs all in the rhymin' pad
pack the pipe with hash, strike the light & pass those
Raybans Roddy Piper had
. odds come stacked like totem poles. .
Soul. controller goin' toe to toe, go for broke
polar flows knockin' down them dominoes, how the story goes
Track Name: Gold Leaf
Batter up Louisville swingin', 9th inning
Rhyme slinging for my winnings, my mind's spinnin'
Times tickin', the grind livin' behind writtens
Smile grinnin' combine spirit when I'm hittin'
Never bat an eye, news is asinine,
Flashin' all the passerby's, risin' gap class divide
Weather it out, whether without fairweather friends
Steppin' it out, ya wheel of fortune,
when ya letter is out
Collect all the loot, catchin' wreck at the spot
Make grands like Puba, exit like Sadat
Vanish to a past life, Afghan in a glass pipe
Vision flash, on my lap, a dance from a past wife
Climbin' the obstacles, when rhymin' I swash buckle
Fighting with hard knuckles, like Simon & Garfunkel
Leave the mic graffiti tagged, ain't no easy cash
Off the beaten path, beneath the cap is where the
heat is stashed

Don Quixote off peyote, notes & categories
That's reporting stories like Capone and N.O.R.E.
Its a mad dash in this city, hash to Philly's
Cash over biddies, dancin' like Razonda Chili
Thankful for the green grass, peep math
I calmly lean back, drinking a forty with Rocsi Diaz
Hairs combed over like a young Ray Liotta
No caps up in Corollas 'cause jakes is chasin' quotas
Crash a house party with kraken & pack hyenas
Gallivant in arenas, romancin' some ballerina
She Latin or Arabiyya, ashen the fattened cheeba
They playin' "Creepa Creepa" but I'm lampin'
in black Adidas
Blurry nights with Tanqueray how we chase skirts
Raw papes mask the strain when them days hurt
Started out this Genesis, Don Milly tenements
Scheme like Tommy Dream,
wavin' indo like a kendo stick
Track Name: Sonic Youth
Streets of rage walkin', its the next gen weathermen
Hydroponic medicines, cross the Alps from tenements
Ma said put the crowd in hypnosis
Hocus to pocus, turnin' neurosis to boldness
Zoned out, lampin' by a laughin' Buddha
Im catchin wreck, catchin' tuna,
cast the net & hallelujah
Turnin' shitty days to gold, cut a path
& the pave the road
Cut a track at Tabernacle, papa bringin' bacon home
Slangin' books, rap game Levar Burton
Certain northern strains got me lookin' part German
uncouth be troopin and marchin,
stay aloof to ya doctrine
either stand or sleep, wrappin the green
like Tutankhamen
Them drugs domesticated, pillin up ya defects
Barristas be the dealers, only boozin' for the weekend
Calm aggressions, manhandle,
grabbin attention like rockin' a poncho
of Macho, elbow drops connectin'
Wavy hikes, shady nights, faded & I shake the dice
claim my rights, takin' mics, Crazy like David Icke
Search thru the madness,usurp the language of colonizers
Conjurin' magic thru usin' this rap shit

Limin' at a fete then back to the lab early
Examine this mad journey, laughin' at past worries
Before I doff off the armor
I'll sing songs to conquer, live long & prosper
Piff & henny combine, put it directly In line
Never place pearls before ms piggy & swine
Withstandin' the circumstances, adapted to stand alone
Forgin' a pack, better track, snatchin' an antelope
Lord, the c-notes, vivid, I see no limit
Steamboat In a Sea wolves fitted
Decoding today's news, grindin' to pay dues
Grinnin', spillin ink, substituted for quaaludes
Wrestlin' stress, Decompression for the evenin'
Doctor said chill cause' my blood pressure was steamin'
job's aint hirin', pop's retirin', mom's too tired
My ass was fired, hell is this environment?
Broke friends with goals and camaraderie
Collect ends & transcend this birth lottery
Fuck lettin' the art starve, bluff cards
Engarde, mic check, carte blanche, c'mon gawd
Track Name: Grit (feat. Don Know)
These stress filled days that we plotted
You want a comic, not a prophet
Train in heavy gear like Piccolo in the bitter cold
Michael Kors whores aint pickin at my pocket
Still remain soo cool, mama's kitchen with the soul food
Teleport, kingdom of the toadstools
Once upon a flow, better go for broke
Life on the ropes, Undertaker with the old school
Quarter life crisis so trust me
Why I keep spices so musty
No I dont deal with the custy's
Best keep on catchin' some wreck so these muthafuckin' soundchecks be bringin' that money
Its fine, mami wanna smoke a one two
Half the things they tell you it is untrue
Say word she ya cousin, she can come too
For the patron saints of the Uncouth
Want me to write you some raps g, thats me
Pen mightier, thats how the great gats be
Huff and a puff of the blunt made a hash
Bring the house down, take ya crown, bounce with a laugh
Get out, on the mound, batter up, so I smash, paragraphs
Then dash with Stacy in a Jag
Make a lotta noise, aint no other choice
Holla at a scholar, smoke loud like Chewbacca voice
Track Name: Dark Skin Sade
We live that life of monks, divide the spoils between
the cyberpunks
Learned from Percy Miller, pushin' rap outside the trunks
Days be like its stormin' a castle, jumpin' the apes,
hurlin' the barrel
movin' the hologram panel,
turnin' Houdini with the shackles
Dodgin' finicky damsels, word to your daughter's worth
of thirty camels, needed on journeys through
this earth In camo
till Babel burnt to the gravel
Keepin' it Westside In the flanel
livin' on a gamble, creep from the basement, tabernacle
Whatever my mood be, Im still rollin' a blue leaf
'Cause livin' is too steep, same squabbles but new beef
& know we more than mice with a cheese plate
Always runnin' to keep pace, weekdays
freeze wage, cages in this police state
Pardon if im brash & late at times,
gettin' faded cause that daily grind
makes my mind purely focused on taking mines
Make it through, even when pays reduced
Cause we out for the gusto, trust nobody with ya hustle,
mama aint raise no fool

Beyond that rhyme and reason, I light a beacon,
grinded & finely seasoned
If you smell it, think it offensive, than beat it
Adapted when cash uneven, work it, fuck it,
& leave it
Vision encyclopedic through grimey & triflin' seasons
Cook a beat to menudo, get it crackin' like judo
Throw salt, then you sumo,
couldn't plan it like Hamlet or Pluto
Went from grad caps to combat, contracts,
steel toes, hard hats, cubicles that God damned
Like fuck that fantasizin', rather make the sacrifices
in & out the city, strategizin', merchandisin'
when pockets need money, aint talk to no hussy
when them markets turned slumpy
It’s Donkey Kong country
On the prowl, determine how, just to work it out
Lay my burdens down, burn an ounce,
see things turn around
Make it through, even when pays reduced
Cause we out for the gusto,
trust nobody with ya hustle, mama aint raise no fool

When stresses hit the page, she remind me of that Sade
You remind me of that Sade
Brown skin, box braid, remind me of that Sade
She Remind me of that Sade
Track Name: Old Sport
On the road to riches, being broke
provoke resistance
In these cold conditions, tryna close the distance
Winter warz the metaphor, what we livin' for?
Skirmishin' with honeys through verbal intercourse
When ya bet on that winning horse,
watch some women morph
Into herbivores, all ya green, pipe dreams driftin' off
Times are tryin', in alliance with rebel griots
Roll purple, more stoned than Temple Pilot
Roads gettin' tough but ain't givin' it up
'Cause existing & paying bills
ain't sufficient enough
Devoted to this looseleaf, I lose sleep
Spoken, my muse speaks, provokin' me,
opponents & dues reaped
Peace when I snooze deep
A million talk, but spittin' false,
only listen when a trusted few speak
With defiant prouder airs, trumpet's loudest blare
Avoid the fowler's snare & tell 'em "fuck outta here
My path shown in a mad zone, I'm belligerent
Rap tomes knock the capstones right off the pyramid
On a warhorse, cornerstore lords, with the cohorts
Take no shorts, for my old sport

Shoot the page when I'm vexed till the stress is done
Young F. Scott chopped it up with Tesla's son
My heavenly peace is melodies & beats
Sativa in Tahiti & a gold Nefertiti piece
Writing is dedicated, pen it out in seven hours
Get it louder, chrono-elevated MegaPowers
When recessions hit, aggression's quick, weapons lit
I need a saint intercession when these questions hit
Only constant is cess and brew & these records too
Leafs & Raptors lose...well what else is new?
Literally weighted, breath is bated,
life's a waitin' room
I need a jetpack, don't swim good,
I just waded through
Cold steel, cold hearts, I want the whole part
No crumbs, down on his luck, Humphrey Bogart
Hope's the only thing that's funded,
blunts been confronted
Fam and friends have said to me some
incredily dumb shit
Days are deplorable, keep the halo orbital
On the way to peso, smoke one with the oracle
Always Nautical, born under a full moon
Livin' life, pawnin' all ya silverware, there is no spoon
Track Name: Nighthawks
Science of the manifested, more than a stack invested
rap intrepid, less than a nanosecond
get mad inventive
In the age of drones, slaving loans, pay the toll
Joe Carter, 93, see binery, Im aimin' home
- leggo on a top flight, get
peso from the cockfights
Sun and star bloodline remind us that we gawdlike
Southeast Asiatic lord and pharoah, nautical apparel
So cavalier, this rapper here, hijack ya channel

Ya moms givin' that rum cake, drinking that rum punch
Changin' all fates you thinkin its dumb luck
Ya dumbfucks get dumbstruck, they upchuck
From some skunk, cyberpunks runnin amok,
runnin' to goals, nonstop while punch drunk
mental state I float off, laborin’ days, we work long
I wrote on spit that Ill shit smooth talkers just choke on
Nothing move without endz, y'know,
All blessed by the scent of the dro
Is you friend or you foe?
Games to be sold, not to be told

Hashin' like assassins, call to action for my faction
Look - I am the Captain, finga wavin' at ya famine
Bars is set, clippin' wings on jumbo jets
Watch ya step, Run cassettes, droppin on these bountys, on my Boba Fett
Cool runnin to and fro, obstacles be moveable
Fuck them institutionals, molotovs to cubicles
maintain a Buddha's patience
They get the rude awakenin'
Don't let ya supras chase ‘em

Day in day out
same shit I get out
Day in day out
Page in, I rip out
Day in day out
Cash in, I get out
Day in day out
same shit, I get out

Ladi dadi, we'll crash ya party
Bring the spices in &
attract all the shawty's like
Track Name: Stonecutters
Let the crowd wave the air to mask the odour
passin' over, hash and doujah, play Casanova to Sharapovas
Backwoods mummified, rippin' out the guts
Stickin' to my guns, small victories bringin' the funds
my nationality is brutality
On this cold earth; slow burn strategy's reality
Learned from my pops, my ambition
Time’s worth more than smack addictions, riches of wrapped Egyptians
Old discussions in packed Hondas of turnin' karma
Triple 7, zeros & commas, upon us
If I listened to the herbs, I wouldn't be right here'
In fly gear with my peers, Im Ali in Zaire
Every show's a fisticuff, listen up, jig is up
give It up, tell dames to giddy up
In shitty venues & promoters on coca
Im swingin' like a brown saint to sinner lady thats loca
Can't be movin' horizontal, consider it Gospel
mano-e-mano, small to colossal, they topple
Working past part time & space so part space
Teleportin' Delorean car chasin' thru stargates
Gotta make them bankrolls widen
Music to pound the rock with that PATFO guidance, its a science
Praise the man of labours, sharper than sabres
So educated, see the racist neighbors catchin' vapors
We aint pushin rocks, we just heavin' boulders
Life in Mortal Kombat, I got Sub-Zero shoulders
Gettin' bent tho', ya’ll missed the memo
The tempo, amaretto hold me down like it’s velcro
Bombin' brick walls, now Im paintin' up a frescoe
They treat my generation like the '94 Expos
Rap is real, society's an act f'real
Dont be standin' still for them traps that got Gatsby killed

Woke up from a dream with
the stonecutters creed....
Walking out my door
with the stonecutters creed....
Go for gold, no other
Whether cold or summer
Hot knife thru butter
Track Name: East of Yonge (feat. HuNu)
Fresh Moroccan Spices, smuggled in trade routes
Great tunes, Lebanese Blonde comin' from Beirut
Asians work like dogs, word to Rob Ford
Seasons get hit with harsh storms, still in top form
leave ya battle hardened,
Took the gamble option
Passin' biddies In bird jackets that cackle often
behaviour ill for the paper bills, Lo knit is razor steel
walk with a bop like Rodney Dangerfield
Pardon we blazin , my path aint nuthin' funny
Fam travelled all these miles, make sure we livin' lovely
Anti bummy & broke, splash money for
somethin' to smoke
Tryna cope, job hunt is a joke
All a man needs is a chance, some Nautica fleeces & Champs
Rap doctorate I keep it advanced
Thinkin' like a king, workin' like a peasant
Sidesteppin' women with weaves lookin' like MegaMan's helmet

Thousand thoughts, I gotta focus
No matter any solstice, fuck that sell ya soul shit
Some tryin' days, business plan like a Bible page
Ply the trade, come hell or high tidal waves
'Still marchin', hardheaded, hard hearted
Carhartts, harken, blunt sparkin',untarnished
From these arenas, loot the palace of the Caesars
Word to Christ, Siddhartha, Shiva,
the people yellin' Viva
If love's a battlefield, better get ya shield up
Shorty look for real love, I'm lookin' for that real bud
Dream past the skyline and streetlamps
Trife life & these tramps, grind time on these tracks
Rhyme and the reason,
nights gettin’ sleepless
I be stuck in these pieces,
I’m a sniper just breathin'
Scott's at it, a top gallant, who plot rackets
In yatcht jackets & daggerin' hot ratchets
Track Name: Varsity x Camo
Who Jah bless, let no man curse. nuthin interferes
with the grand work
On a damn search with mad merch,
philosophers stoned on a flat earth
I'm just deep In thought, sittin' on top of the speakerbox.
It's been one helluva equinox,
& Im too sober, let the reefer talk
Cold like the Everest snowpeak when
the block had no heat for a whole weak
.I be scrappin' like Domi, dappered-up Lo piece.
that weather won't slow me.
Warpath of a nomad, smokestacks when the dro passed,
gimme the floor plan. Get in that tour van
first glance, get beat with a singapore cane.
Sandman with the Coors can
Plus that Warren G, War & Peace, sorcery. You smokin' that dust
fuck what you think. we rush till the doors bust, need more bucks
. Wanted to play for the Majors, now with a team makin' these capers
How we scheme workin' our labors, late night.
Get the pape right, livin for the greater
Ya need Jesus, Mohamed, Zoraster, professors,
a rabbi & priest, monks, clerics, genies & Cupid
to stop me from buildin' the ark, how many more cubits?
Passin' the show & the provin', I know I be knowin', the seeds I be sowin'
the trees to be rolled one day, you'll know what the fuck we be doin'

Thinkin' back survivin' unemployment line,
nightshifts, unpaid overtime
Prayed for a sign. Hell hath no fury when I go for mine
If you talkin' risk, put ya money where ya mouth is,.
rappin' the foulest
gather the crowd from thousands of thousands,
converting the doubted
Uh huh, got that? Soundtracks to bounce back,
gettin' bent off the forty, we on that quest for the glory
shinin' armor went thru those trenches shorty
Brave like Seminoles, prolly ethical,
Knockin' ya pussys off pedestals
puttin those pussys on pedestals, puffin on medicals,
checkin' the decimals
Ran thru the rounds of snakes, cheetahs, roaches, weasels,
pelicans, rodents
All elements we roam in, mind real heavy
like an uzi loaded
gamin' this shit like Bischoff,
whole generation soo pissed off
New enemies to GMOs & shit was good just a week ago
need to get free from fallacies, degrees aint guarantees
& tactically. we worked some ugly years
to get paid so handsomely,
Multiply ducats & pounds. Infinite life,
you aint stuck in the ground
throw half a peace sign, jetpack up to the clouds,
I ain't dumbin' it down

Build it up
Break it down
Do the math
Connect the dots
Uncouth shit, we troopin'
Calculated, we movin'
Track Name: Tectonics (feat. Rez Raida, Don Know, Jaff Daniels, Colonel Clockwork, Lord Fury)
Make the bass smack the land
Mash It back to one continent
This novelist knock heads til Apocalypse,
dip back to my sarcophagus
Interlopers & dumb promoters get
left in a shoulder sling, pluckin’ off vulture wings
Stunts & blunts, got a right to hunt, let the poacher sing
told to me by ODB rollin' bodi trees, how's supposed be
Who wanna be an emcee, but not get paid to be a muthafuckin emcee?!
The road is upon us. I’m cloaked in the armor. Lo sport and a parka
Keep codes like Contra. then peace be upon ya
Track Name: Dusty Blues
Knock a pope & ayatollah by a high pagoda
cloves & spice aromas burst from grindin' dojah. Stomp a cobra
Noble savage, with the tactic, cue the ballad for the masses
watch it happen, rapid, move the crowd like human traffick
advancing at alarmin rate, gallivant at marchin pace
Spirited tradition louie villain grinnin charmin' fate
watch how the world turns . dough earned, that slow burn
Push words & pro- verbs by good herb in gold urns
Ill speech & bring trees, chill breeze In shit heat
Rap game is Twin Peaks , Im pass makin' ends meet
brain dont stop from stormin till i paid my mama mortgage
harvest the crop & orchards, pray to God for better fortunes
man of schemes, mad degrees, figure what a rapper mean
every verse is made with letters cut from magazines
Damn you herbs better state ya name rank & bizness
ya shit confused like rockin kobe jersey with a yankee fitted
.Hell to pay no heads up, got tanqueray get bent up
Sativa haze get sent up, I’m LJ with the L’s up
ease the writer stress, bless, cess & the bag is sticky
all the biddies dance & prance from here to Magic City
Dogheaded like Anubis.. turn a nun to a nudist
pushin' rap from the sewage, duncecap for you stooges
Switzerland fatigues, greener than Belize, up in East Afrique
Eat it up & beat, read it up & weep
Dash it in the Polo cape, dolo & I rode the wave
Catch me at the Sole Xchange, Dusty Rhodes promo game

Blood. Sweat. Kill Fears.